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VEV helps organisations deliver on their carbon reduction ambitions with an end-to-end fleet electrification solution that integrates across vehicles, charging infrastructure, power, and finance.  VEV is owned by Vitol, a world leader in energy, which to date has committed circa $2 billion to sustainable energy initiatives worldwide.


Our experts in energy and sustainable e-mobility are supported by a proprietary fleet management platform, VEV-IQ, that analyses fleet electrification readiness and monitors real-time EV fleet operations.

VEV anticipates the complexities of fleet electrification, working with all stakeholders keeping a focus on operational resilience and cost-effectiveness. We understand the importance of keeping mission-critical fleets running at scale and work hard to ensure minimal disruption during the transition to EV.

Driving efficiency, smart charging to control charging spikes, sourcing green energy, and on-site renewables are critical factors to manage energy usage and costs. VEV will typically include solar power generation in the implementation plan for the logistics depot to reduce energy demand from the grid. 

VEV sets businesses up for success in an electrified future. We believe that this future is not just inevitable, but also full of opportunities for those that are prepared.

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