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Electric Fleets -  The first steps of your electric journey

EV adoption in the UK has been increasing year on year, underpinned by supportive policies and technology advances. Despite this, we understand that taking the first steps of your electric journey can be daunting. and this webinar aims to make the road to 2035 a little smoother.

Join special guests on 29th February for a live broadcast of Electric Fleet -  The first steps of your electric journey. 

With a useful strategic overview of the need for EVs and carbon reduction and insight from the fleet managers who despite having made significant progress with their EV journey can comfortably recall the obstacles they faced, gain the tools needed to determine and identify the key concerns for you, your staff and your fleet.


10.30 Welcome: GREENFLEET Host Kate Armitage
10:40 The need for EV Acceleration
Andrew Summers - Chief Executive, Transport East
10:50 Fleet decarbonisation
Richard Parker - Webfleet
11.00 Our electric experiences
Jamie Sands - Welch's Transport
11.10 The first steps on your EV journey
Ali Argall -Tusker
11.20 The first steps to an electric fleet
Stephen George / Menelik Bogle - E.ON Drive
11.30 Q & A session
Kate Armitage chats with today's speakers and reveals the poll results
12.00 Webinar close

Event timings and speakers may be subject to change


Jamie Sands
Group Operational Support and Systems Manager
Welch's Transport
Ali Argall
Business Development Director
Richard Parker
Webfleet EV Consultant UKI
Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
Menelik Bogle
Sales Manager
E.ON Drive
Steve George
Senior Proposition Manager
E.ON Drive
Andrew Summers
Chief Executive
Transport East

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