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Allstar Business Solutions

Allstar is one of the UK’s market leading fuel, EV and expense card providers for businesses, with more than 45 years expertise and over 1.1 million cards in circulation across 50,000 businesses.

Our payment solutions offer businesses of all sizes an easy way to keep control of their spend, simplifying financial admin and saving money.

Allstar Chargepass® power business’ payments, no matter where they are on their journey to electric vehicles. It’s the UK’s only flexible solution that simplifies driver charging needs at home and on the road, alongside fuel into a single payment solution.

Charging an electric vehicle at home is by far the cheapest and most convenient way to charge for businesses – as well as helping to reduce time spent during the working day charging, drivers can start each working day with a fully charged vehicle. Allstar Homecharge helps make it simple with a fair and accurate way to pay for the cost of drivers’ EV charging at home. Payments are made directly to their energy supplier, so they’re never out of pocket or have expense claims or receipts to submit*.

With access to the UK’s largest combined fuel and electric charging network covering 90% of UK fuel sites, alongside more than 18,000 charge points and 25,000 connectors, businesses can be confident they are never far from an Allstar accepting site when on the road. 

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