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Paua enables businesses and drivers to more easily adopt electric vehicles through simplifying EV charging payment and reimbursement. This in turn improves air quality and tackles climate change. 
Paua does this by enabling drivers to access thousands of charge points in the UK through a single mobile application and supported by a Paua EV charge card. Drivers can find, charge, and pay for public charging. Sophisticated algorithms built into the app enable drivers to claim reimbursement from their employers for business mileage ensuring there are fairly reimbursed. Paua Reimburse is charger, tariff and vehicle agnostic. Drivers can be compensated into payroll or direct to their energy bill.
Businesses benefit from all the tools required to access public charging, auditable mileage records and Paua provides a single bill for all your charging costs. Paua Reimburse is the single solution to pay for business charging at home, work, or on the road available today. 
Paua drivers find, charge, and pay across the UK’s largest business roaming network. Digital integration to 44,000 internet connected electric vehicle connectors including 70% of high powered rapid chargers. A smart Paua card integrated with mobile phone notifications tracks charging and fleet managers remain informed through their live dashboard. Full control of data and spending with ultimate charging visibility.
Paua is the Best Electric Vehicle Fuel Card and official EV charge card provider to the EV Rally 2022, 2023 and 2024. 
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