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Mark Dickens
Mark Dickens
Managing Director

Mark has worked in the automotive industry for over 40 years, with several director roles within the the Renault Group. Appointed as Managing Director for Mobilize Power Solutions UK in 2021 he has instrumental in how the Group business transition to e-mobility. 

He initially joined the fleet division in October 2014 to design and recommence Renault Group’s fleet and remarketing business following the Renault Renew Plan in the UK – with responsibility for fleet & business operations, residual value and remarketing. 
He previously held responsibility for Renault Group’s parts sales in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. Prior to that he was Regional Director and held various roles in sales & marketing and aftersales. 

Mark originally joined the company from a rival’s motorsport division having worked in Formula 1 and Motorsport. He also designed the group’s after-sales blueprint in the UK.

“It’s not hard to see why we should all start driving electric, as we see the world’s climate changing and the rising cost of fuel. However there continues to be both a hesitancy and sometimes a reluctance to make the move and that is why my role is so important. Providing easy access to reliable electric charge points is key to persuading people to change and Mobilize Power Solutions provides the answer for drivers at home, at work and on the go. What’s more, we are able to offer services that not only make the cost of running an electric vehicle transparent but make it easy for them to pay or take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs.”

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