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Electrify your employee benefits with EV salary sacrifice.

Want to attract and retain the best people for your business? It’s time to electrify your employee benefits with an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme. Powered by LV= General Insurance, ElectriX offers a truly flexible electric car salary sacrifice scheme shaped around your business. You can reward your team with up to 40% off a brand-new electric car lease, while you take advantage of savings on tax and National Insurance.

What are the benefits of electric car salary sacrifice to your organisation?

•    No set up costs.
•   Save National Insurance on the amount sacrificed by your employee. 
•    Flexible range of protection options should employees leave.
•    Lease as many cars as you need, benefitting your company’s sustainability profile. 
•    Help attract and retain talent.

And the perks for employees add real value

•    No upfront deposit or credit checks, making it a much more affordable way to get behind the wheel of an electric car. 
•    All cars are brand new; employees can save up to 40% on the cost of an electric car lease.
•    2% Benefit-in-Kind tax until 2025 (compared to up to 37% for some diesel cars).
•    Option of an all-inclusive package – car + charger + cover.
•    Lower running costs compared to petrol or diesel equivalents.

What’s included in the ElectriX package?

Get an all-inclusive package – car + optional charger + cover.

•    Over 100 electric car models from more than 30 manufacturers – many available within just 30 days from specialists CBVC.
•    Optional Indra home chargers to energise every journey. 
•    Bespoke insurance for peace of mind. 
•    Maintenance package for the duration of the agreement.

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