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GreenFleet Events - Testimonials

FLEET Events
are renowned for delivering ‘Quality’… Quality content, that enables fleet professionals to engage with industry experts that can assist them in the transition to an ultra-low emission transport operation… Quality delegates that are responsible for making key decisions… Quality engagement for ‘Host Authorities’, enabling them to reach out to their business communities and take them on an ‘ultra-low emission mission’ in the battle against poor air quality!

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it… Here’s what host cities and delegates have had to say about their own experiences of a GREENFLEET Event:

Since 2014, GREENFLEET has been commissioned by numerous regional and local authorities to stage events for them, that assist them in stimulating the uptake of electric, plug-in and gas-powered vehicles, charging infrastructure and more, in the drive towards improving air quality.

Over the years, many cities have “Hosted” a GREENFLEET (and in some cases EVOLUTION) event, and below are just a few examples of the feedback we have been given, by the Hosts themselves and event visitors:


“After being awarded European Green Capital City status in 2015, Bristol City Council had a remit to educate businesses and residents from across the city and surrounding region on ‘all things green’. One of the areas we were keen to stimulate was the uptake of electric vehicles and we engaged the GreenFleet team to help us kick-start this by staging an event. Following a successful 2 days, we repeated the event this year after securing Go Ultra Low City funding, and again the 2 days was a resounding success. Both events have been very instrumental in the up-take of these vehicles in and around the city”.
Ben Robinson, Bristol City Council, June & May 2016
"I wanted to thank you and the team for a successful event!! I do not underestimate the vast amount of work that goes into the background with getting these events together but I was impressed with the organisation. Shame about the traffic this morning but it was good to see the event get back on track and see everyone stay through to the end.

It was certainly interesting as a City Council to hear from such a wide-ranging audience talk about some of the barriers to ULEV take up that we knew and many more that were new concerns that we can take stock of as we embark on our Go Ultra Low City journey.

I had a quick look on Twitter and saw some of the coverage so thank you for that. Please pass on my thanks to Quentin also. He was a really good host and got behind what Nottingham is trying to do. We had some lovely feedback from him which was kind of him to say."

Rasista Chudasama, Principal Transport Planner & Bid Manager, Nottingham City Council, June 2016

"Please pass on our sincere thanks to the rest of your team, on our behalf. There’d been a lot of good feedback from delegates, post-event, and we will ensure to follow up on all of the enquiries we have had, moving forward."
Delia Bower, Partnership & Business Engagement Officer, Derby City Council

"Thank you so much for bringing the GreenFleet event to York yesterday. I was impressed with the way this went and thought the production was very smooth and professionally managed. The feedback I received from the delegates is excellent and I thought Quentin Willson was superb at engaging everyone and keeping the conversations going.

Thank you all again for organising this, I hope this can be the first of many. By coincidence, we have just put in a funding bid which we should hear the results of in around 5 weeks. The funding is for the next 3 financial years. If we are successful in this, I would be keen to give more financial support to the event and see how we can make it grow. A public event would add to this as we have discussed previously. We have the makings of an annual event here. Perhaps we could pick up in December and discuss then?"
Derek McCreadie, i-Travel Programme Manager, City of York Council


“Thank you for inviting me to the event yesterday, we found it very interesting and useful. During our session with Quentin Wilson and Nottingham City Council we raised some of the issues we have at Experian and the guys from the Council offered to engage with us at a later date. I am now in the process of following up with them, to take this on to the next stage."
Brian Hill, Experian

“Just wanted to say that both my colleagues and I found yesterday’s event very worthwhile. It was great to be able to network and share ideas, to test drive all the different vehicles in one day, and to meet Quentin Willson. Thanks for inviting us, we learned a lot that we can implement, going forward, and please contact us in the future for other events”.
Vale of Glamorgan Council

“An excellent and well-organised event that is a must for fleet operators”
Steve Parry, Leeds City Council

“Very well organised event with relevant & insightful content. Thanks for allowing me to come along, I have now got all the information I need to take plans forward internally.”
Ryan Mills, Guinness

“Well Structured Event I enjoyed the mix of presentation with the ability to try the Vehicles and technology.”
Dave Taylor, Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital

These are but a few examples of the positive feedback we have had over the successful years we have been running GREENFLEET Events, and all form part of a structured post-event survey we conduct after every event. The results of these surveys are all passed on to the “Host Authority” themselves, to use for follow-on purposes, as well as, showcasing internally, as proof of ROI, etc.