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LDV EV80 – Drive further with a driving range of 120+ miles/ 190km on a single charge battery power of 56KW.

SAIC, the company driving LDV’s green credentials in the all-electric market place sees the EV80 as the perfect city vehicle, ideal for completing short to medium length journeys with a 120-mile / 190 km range on a single charge.


Trakm8 specialises in telematics, connected cameras and fleet optimisation. With over a quarter of a million vehicles connected to its servers, the company’s cost-effective solutions help fleets to improve efficiency, cut carbon emissions and reduce risk.


Renault have been building, selling and maintaining Electric Vehicles (EVs) since 2011, so it’s fair to say that we know what we’re talking about!

Toyota & Lexus Fleet

Toyota and Lexus have driven the transition to cleaner and more sustainable motoring and provides almost 50% of the UK’s alternatively fuelled vehicles with total global sales of our Self Charging Hybrids topping 12 million. We are now pioneering the next generation of power trains with our zero emission hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai.

Co-wheels Car Club

Co-wheels is a national car share club run as a social enterprise and the UK’s largest independent car club and provides more than 500 low emission, hybrid and electric cars across 50 towns and citiesfor the public and business users. We also provide fleet and pool car services, with integr


LeasePlan was founded in the Netherlands in 1963 and now manages around 1.8 million vehicles in more than 30 countries.