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GREENFLEET Events are only possible, thanks to the kind support of our Sponsors, and we’re delighted to bring you a variety of specialists that will enable you to make an ‘educated decision’ on how to integrate innovative ULEV technology in to your everyday transport operation. The result? Not only will YOU be doing your bit towards improving air quality in the region… but you will also be shaving £’s off your running cost too… A Win-Win! Here’s a list of who you can share knowledge and expertise with, on the day:


As we move into a new year and a new decade, it’s time to up the ante in terms of our commitment to tackling climate change and making the fleet industry greener than ever before.

As one of the few OEM manufacturers that can provide a full EV van fleet right now, we can and are helping organisations, businesses and individuals make that all-important switch to greener motoring.

Manufactured by SAIC and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Harris Automotive Distributors, LDV is leading the charge for greener motoring in the UK and Ireland.

Toyota & Lexus Fleet

Toyota and Lexus sales account for nearly 50% of the UK’s alternatively fuelled vehicles. Switching to a Toyota and Lexus self-charging hybrid fleet cuts CO2 emissions, uses less fuel, and reduces whole-life costs. It also ensures drivers can enjoy exceptional vehicle quality, safety and style alongside a smooth, quietly-refined hybrid driving experience.


Ubitricity: helping councils create convenient, low cost, reliable EV public charging networks
There are 5 big benefits of driving electric: zero emission travel; torque-on-tap acceleration; ultra-low maintenance; low fuel costs; charge-while-you-sleep fuelling. But EV drivers without driveways battle to enjoy the last two: cheap and convenient fuelling.


Elmtronics are the UK’s largest independent supplier and installer of electric vehicle charging equipment. Specialising in charging for businesses and the public sector, Elmtronics work with some of the largest councils, NHS Trusts and private companies throughout the UK to design, install and maintain their electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the most advanced charging equipment available.

Kia Motors

Kia Motors (UK) Limited is pleased to support Greenfleet in the strive for cleaner air quality through utilising ULEV vehicles in your fleet. This on-line event offers you the opportunity to do model comparisons between manufacturers and we believe that our products compare favourably, both on paper, on the road and with your drivers.