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25 JUNE 2020

FLEET North West
 is a FREE-TO-ATTEND ONLINE event, for professionals looking to explore the very latest in ultra-low emission vehicle technology, charging, sustainability and strategy. Beginning at 10.00am on the 25 June 2020, the event will outline the region’s own Strategy, with comment from UK100, Transport for Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, together with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. 

Clean vehicle technology insight will be provided by supported by Toyota (GB) plc, Maxus UK and Kia Motors UK, with a glimpse in to what’s coming and it’s application to the clean air strategy, from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

And we wrap up with a look at Charging & Infrastructure, with national insight coming courtesy of National Grid, a regional piece from Local Energy North West and then how to implement the solutions, from ubitricity.



Clean Growth...

The Government’s 'Road to Zero' strategy outlines how the government will support the transition to zero emission road transport and reduce emissions from conventional vehicles during the transition. The strategy is long term in scope and ambition, supporting the Clean Growth Industrial Strategy and considers the change, opportunities and risks up to 2050 and beyond. To achieve this, the UK needs to discourage the use of older, more polluting vehicles and reduce the number of areas in the UK where air pollution breaches legal limits.

Where are these reductions required? Within YOUR Business! City by city, the GREENFLEET Road-2-Zero Roadshow is helping local, regional and transport authorities kick-start their 'Clean Air Strategies'.

Take the 'ULEV Journey', together...

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) have a significant role to play in cleaning up the air. The authorities have a strategy, and this event will feature keynote presentations and group sessions that will enable YOU to find out more, and more importantly, the role that YOUR BUSINESS must play.

There is no need to do this alone... The Road-2-Zero Roadshow will highlight how YOUR AUTHORITY and the UK GOVERNMENT can help YOUR business embark on a 'ULEV Journey', together!

It makes financial sense ...

  • Cars with CO2 emissions of less than '50g per kilometre' have been able to claim a capital allowance worth 100% against the purchase.

  • The maximum grant available for new electric cars is £3,000 while the maximum for a new electric van is £8,000.

  • Fully zero tail-pipe emission cars costing up to £40,000 and with zero tailpipe emissions, are exempt from all road tax in the UK.

  • From April 6th 2020, there will be NO benefit-in-kind charge on electric cars with emissions of up to 50g/km CO2, potentially saving nearly £5,000 a year.

  • According to a comparison carried out by The Greengage, an electric car can cost as little as 2.6p per mile, as opposed to petrol cars, with a cost of 9.4p per mile.

The Road-2-Zero Roadshow will highlight that 'making the switch' makes financial sense to YOUR business... and YOUR staff!




The day begins with a series of keynote presentations from OLEV, UK100, TfGM and LCR, with each outlining the strategies that can help push forward the uptake of ULEVs within the towns and cities and across the North West region.

Next you will hear from our clean vehicle technology providers, thanks to Toyota (GB) plc, Maxus UK and Kia Motors UK, supported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT). Each will offer an insight in to what innovative vehicle technology is on the market NOW, and what’s in the pipeline. 

We complete the day’s proceedings with a look at Charging & Infrastructure, kicking off with an overview from National Grid, followed by a local focus from the Local Energy North West hub. Utilising existing infrastructure to create a network and workplace charging are then covered by ubitricity. 


GREENFLEET North West will highlight the very latest innovative options open to YOU, in terms of vehicles and charging solutions. They are complimented by experts from UK and regional government and authoritative voices from industry that will outline the implementation of a clean vehicle strategy. 


Submit YOUR questions to the experts. Our platform has a facility that enables you to ask a question of our line-up of specialists, with an UPVOTE function allowing your peers to push your question up the list. We will have all the speakers online, and our Host will ask the most pertinent questions to them, LIVE.


Following the presentations, we want to hear YOUR thoughts. Live Polls will flash up on your screen and a simple ‘click’ will enable you to vote on the subjects discussed. Results are quick and will appear on your screen, shortly after.


Expand your network by chatting online, to those that are online and engaged. Our Peer Chat function in instantaneous and allows you interact with everyone involved.



Making the switch to  a cleaner transport operation is not straight-forward and involves more than just the Fleet Manager. We recognise that and reflect this in the content and speakers we have lined up. So here’s who needs to join us on the day, to enable you to engage across your business and make the right decisions, at the right time:

Fleet and Transport Managers are those on the ‘front line’… The people that are responsible for the daily function of the vehicles. They need to understand what clean options are now on the market, whether or not they can perform what is required, and also how to make the transition from diesel to electric.

None of this is possible, without having the capability to recharge the vehicles, once obtained. And each premises is different. Estates & Facilities professionals need to be involved in the process, right from the get-go, and joining us on the day will help you understand what workplace charging options are out there, and also what the power implications are too… As well as the government assistance that is available to make it all possible.

Most organisations have an environmental and sustainability policy and/or strategy in place. Not only to meet the demands of your own business, but also to compete in the UK business sector too. Many organisations have a strict ‘green purchasing policy’ in place and if you don’t have the ‘green box ticked’, you simply won’t win the business. So, make sure that your environmental policy departments are up to date with all the options available to ensure that you CAN compete, moving forward.

Finance & Procurement… NOTHING is possible without the over-riding say-so of those that make the financial decisions for the business. They need to understand the financial benefits that can be gained from embracing this technology, and at the same time, how it can also benefit the employees, from a tax and financial point of view too.


So, make sure you ENGAGE your colleagues, INTERNALLY. A couple of hours out of their day can make a MASSIVE impact on the future of YOUR BUSINESS

This event will not only help you make an ‘educated decision’ on how to integrate this innovative technology, with a view to playing your part in the region’s push for cleaner air… but it will also show you how you can SAVE MONEY at the same time! Add to that, that this event is FREE TO ATTEND, ONLINE, and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t APPLY FOR A PLACE NOW!