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JOIN US ON 05 NOVEMBER: 10.00 – 12.30 BST

GREENFLEET's ROAD-2-ZERO reaches a climax in the sixth and final leg of its 6-region series of online events… We present GREENFLEET Glasgow.

Having taken the electrification strategy to Yorkshire, Coventry and West Midlands, North West, Wales and the East of England, we now visit a city that is leading by example, when it comes to air quality and electrification. Our plan was to stage the event LIVE, for a third successive year, but things have changed. Due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to repurpose ALL the GREENFLEET ROAD-2-ZERO Roadshow events online, and the transition has been hugely successful.

No need for social-distancing… No need for face-masks, gloves or sanitiser... And all from the safety and comfort of your ‘home office’ or even workplace.

If you are the Fleet or Transport Manager and look after the vehicles, you need to join us. If your role is Estates and Facilities, then we have the charging and infrastructure solutions you need. Do you have a CSR policy, or environmental strategy in place? Then we have all the information an environmental or sustainability professional requires. And finally there’s the money. Electrification is not FREE, so the procurement teams should be joining us, as well as HR too, because there are some fantastic financial reasons for your staff to be driving electric vehicles. Here’s what we have in store if you wish to join us:

GREENFLEET Glasgow is where Transport, Energy and Digital become joined. Electrification is not as simple as swapping diesel for electrons… It’s a combination of things! It’s bringing these three industries together - and we have the experts to explain how. Firstly, our ‘Host’, Glasgow City Council, will outline the latest on Scotland’s first Low Emission Zone, and also give you a sneak preview into their new Charging Hub. They will be joined by Transport Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust, with the latter outlining their new Loan Scheme for second-hand EVs, for fleets. 

Our ‘Partners’ are the UK government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles, who will outline the UK strategy and how we get to ‘net-zero’. And they will explain the financial help that is out there to help you achieve this. The Crown Commercial Service, together with Scotland Excel, are with us  once again, to help local authorities, NHS, blue-light and government agencies get ‘bang for their buck’ through the ‘Fleet’ and ‘Charging & Infrastructure’ frameworks. The SMMT, which represents the motor industry, will explain what work is going on from its members – the vehicle manufacturers – to ensure that the coming technology is future-proof and will help all of us on the ‘road to zero’. 

So, we’re ready… Are you? Here’s what you can expect to see at GREENFLEET Glasgow, on 05 November… Online.



Making the switch to  a cleaner transport operation is not straight-forward and involves more than just the Fleet Manager. We recognise that and reflect this in the content and speakers we have lined up. So here’s who needs to join us on the day, to enable you to engage across your business and make the right decisions, at the right time:

Fleet and Transport Managers are those on the ‘front line’… The people that are responsible for the daily function of the vehicles. They need to understand what clean options are now on the market, whether or not they can perform what is required, and also how to make the transition from diesel to electric.

None of this is possible, without having the capability to recharge the vehicles, once obtained. And each premises is different. Estates & Facilities professionals need to be involved in the process, right from the get-go, and joining us on the day will help you understand what workplace charging options are out there, and also what the power implications are too… As well as the government assistance that is available to make it all possible.

Most organisations have an environmental and sustainability policy and/or strategy in place. Not only to meet the demands of your own business, but also to compete in the UK business sector too. Many organisations have a strict ‘green purchasing policy’ in place and if you don’t have the ‘green box ticked’, you simply won’t win the business. So, make sure that your environmental policy departments are up to date with all the options available to ensure that you CAN compete, moving forward.

Finance & Procurement… NOTHING is possible without the over-riding say-so of those that make the financial decisions for the business. They need to understand the financial benefits that can be gained from embracing this technology, and at the same time, how it can also benefit the employees, from a tax and financial point of view too.


So, make sure you ENGAGE your colleagues, INTERNALLY. A couple of hours out of their day can make a MASSIVE impact on the future of YOUR BUSINESS

This event will not only help you make an ‘educated decision’ on how to integrate this innovative technology, with a view to playing your part in the region’s push for cleaner air… but it will also show you how you can SAVE MONEY at the same time! Add to that, that this event is FREE TO ATTEND, ONLINE, and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t APPLY FOR A PLACE NOW!