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As part of the Government’s strategy to improve air quality across the UK, discouraging the use of older, more polluting, vehicles is key. The goal is to reduce the number of areas in the UK where air pollution breaches legal limits, and city by city, we are helping local, regional and transport authorities kick-start their ‘Clean Air Strategies’. 

GREENFLEET are delighted to be returning to Wales, after the successful launch event last year, and the exciting news is WHERE in Wales you can join us…  We were keen for the rest of Wales to see all the good work that has already gone on in the city, as well as encourage more of the same from those organisations running fleets in and around the city itself. 

We are delighted to confirm the support of the Welsh Government too, and here’s what they have said: “Switching to electric vehicles would bring significant benefits for Wales. They are likely to play a huge part in the decarbonisation of our transport network. They will contribute to action on climate change, improve air quality and potentially transport poverty too, through cost effective car clubs. Electric vehicle use is on the rise”.

… “The Welsh Government is considering the infrastructure needed in Wales to encourage the use of electric vehicles, and some of the actions we could be taking now to make the most of the opportunities that a shift to electric transport could bring”.

And GREENFLEET Cymru is designed to help THEM and YOU do just that!

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) have a significant role to play in Wales cleaning up its air. Swansea Council, the University and their neighbouring authorities have a strategy, and this event will feature keynote presentations and group sessions that will enable YOU to find out more, and more importantly, the role that YOUR BUSINESS has to play.



The day begins with a series of keynote presentations from our Event Partners including the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), on the UK government’s Road to Zero strategy, and the latest on grants and schemes.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) EV Group will be there, offering an insight in to what innovative vehicle technology is on the market NOW, and what’s in the pipeline. And if you work for a public sector organisation, we have the very latest on the Frameworks, for the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).


The seminar session is wrapped up with a Q&A, where YOU get the chance to air your thoughts, and interact with the Speakers themselves.


Share your thoughts and knowledge with experts in legislation, strategy, vehicle technology, charging solutions, leasing and financing and innovative technology. Our breakfast, refreshments breaks, and lunch are all designed to put YOU together, in a relaxed, but professional, atmosphere, where you can talk to the people that can help you and your business move down a ‘Road-2-Zero’!


The late morning and afternoon elements of the event will be structured in private, 30-minute sessions. You will be given your very own ‘Personalised Agenda’, designed to ensure that your day is structured, and allows you to engage with experts, and at the same time, ‘experience’ some of the latest technology, first-hand.


It’s one thing being told that these ULEVs can do this, do that, save you £X-amount, etc. but do they really? We believe that having the opportunity to ‘experience’ the vehicles first-hand, by driving them in normal, everyday conditions, is the best way to make your mind up. Part of your Personalised Agenda will give you the opportunity to test drive the very latest in clean car, van and truck technology.


Your day begins with some breakfast, tea and coffee, and ends in the same way. ‘Sandwiched’ in the middle will be refreshment breaks, as well as a lovely buffet lunch, all designed to ensure that you’re refreshed and fulfilled… And it’s FREE!


This event will not only help you make an ‘educated decision’ on how to integrate this innovative technology, with a view to playing your part in the city’s push for cleaner air… but it will also show you how you can SAVE MONEY at the same time! Add to that, that this event is FREE TO ATTEND, and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t APPLY FOR A PLACE NOW