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The Quartix vehicle tracking system is installed in over 600,000 vehicles and helps more than 17,500 businesses cut costs and improve productivity. Quartix provides commercial fleet tracking for cars, coaches, trucks and vans throughout the UK, the US and Europe. 

The award-winning GPS vehicle tracking system offers a host of valuable tools for fleet managers, including driver timesheets, driver behaviour analysis and geofencing alerts. Complete with a driving style league table to help identify the best drivers in a group, the unique Safe Speed feature also compares each driver’s speed with that of other road users on the same stretch of road. Managers can use this information to help their drivers maintain a good driving style, appropriate for the roads they are travelling, while adhering to the legal speed limits.

The Quartix tracking reports and dashboards help businesses to:

  • Coach drivers on safer and more economical driving styles
  • Make sense of business mileage and timesheets
  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Drive down unnecessary costs and overheads, such as fuel spend and unauthorised vehicle use

To find out more about Quartix, get in touch to arrange a short demo with one of the team.

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