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The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People harnesses the power of advanced mathematics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the right placement for electric vehicles within fleets, and to optimise every commercial vehicle so that costs and fuel usage are minimised.

There are three key steps to decarbonisation.

  1. Optimise all your vehicles so every mile and every vehicle is as productive as possible.
  2. Decarbonise. Identify the right applications for the right powertrain, and optimise the whole fleet, including charging times.
  3. Innovate. With our unique blend of algorithms, machine learning and AI, we can deliver previously unreachable efficiencies through innovative logistics solutions.

Decarbonisation isn’t about swapping one fuel for another. It’s about looking at vehicle movements afresh, armed with Big Data, new ideas and revolutionary technology. Wherever your fleet is on its decarbonisation journey, you can improve your efficiencies today with no risk and no fuss. Our optimisation tools require no lengthy consultations or financial tie-ins.

Log into My Transport Planner and save up to 30% of your fleet costs for as little as 49p per vehicle.

Greening our fleets is no longer optional. The Algorithm People can help ensure your green choices are informed, cost-effective and operationally advantageous.