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ubitricity stand


Ubitricity: helping councils create convenient, low cost, reliable EV public charging networks
There are 5 big benefits of driving electric: zero emission travel; torque-on-tap acceleration; ultra-low maintenance; low fuel costs; charge-while-you-sleep fuelling. But EV drivers without driveways battle to enjoy the last two: cheap and convenient fuelling.
ubitricity is changing that. We’re helping councils place EV charge points right outside the homes of EV drivers who lack driveways. With our charge points inside the lampposts on their street, EV drivers can park up close to home and charge overnight. And they’ll pay much less than the typical price of rapid chargers.
Backed by strong established brands like Siemens, Honda and EDF, we deliver a smart, flexible, low carbon energy system by providing turnkey EV charging systems.
Anyone, from local residents to working vans, can use our smart EV charging system when they’re parked for a while. That helps charge point hosts, such as local authorities, businesses and fleet depots, to lead by example on our road to net zero.
No wonder 24 councils have installed nearly 2,000 of our charge points for their residents and visitors!
We believe we can provide electricity for everyone everywhere.  So let’s talk about your sustainable transport plans.