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Toyota & Lexus Fleet

In 2019 we launched 7 new models all are powered by our latest generation hybrid powertrains with exceptionally low C02, virtually zero NOx and no diesel particulates. Studies show that in normal operation our advanced hybrids operate in electric mode for over 50% of the time. Towards the end of 2020 we launched the new battery electric Lexus UX 300e and this year we are launching the next generation of our zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell car, the Toyota Mirai, the Toyota PROACE EV alongside the New Toyota RAV4 Plug-In hybrid SUV and the brand-new Yaris Cross Hybrid. We will also be welcoming the all new hybrid Toyota Highlander to the UK this year for the first time.

This will extend our range of alternatively fuelled vehicles to 22 different models covering passenger car segments and LCVs, further demonstrating our commitment to provide the best range of low emission, low tax models uncompromised by inconvenience or body type.

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