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Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb offer a unique approach to electric vehicle charging infrastructure - one that champions sustainability and connectivity. We have designed a future-proof, sustainable smart cities infrastructure platform; it is the first of its kind, combining power and data at kerbside to enable charging and connectivity for electric and autonomous vehicles whilst supporting the application of advanced IoT technologies. 

The system is split between a subterranean Node Box that houses the intelligent componentry, and the above-ground charge points, which are made from >80% recycled vehicle tyres and fit to existing street furniture. The charge points act as Wi-Fi / 5G access points, enabling air quality, traffic and other IoT sensors. The system can support wireless charging and has won a number of global awards for its focus on innovation and sustainability.  

Our focus is offering EV charging to those (some 45% in UK) who are unable to charge at home. We believe everyone should have access to EVs, and this inclusivity is crucial to realising a better, greener future for all people.