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Sponsors of Public & On-Street Charging Provider of the Year
Paythru specialises in tailored payment solutions for the Electric Vehicle (EV) and eMobility sectors, leveraging 14 years of expertise in payment and mobility services.

Driver-Facing Frontend Services: White-label mobile apps for iOS and Android, customised for seamless EV charging. Browser-based web apps offer accessible interfaces.

Flexible Backend Integrations: Seamless integrations with Charge Point Management Systems, supporting standard interfaces like Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) and APIs.

Payment Processing: Secure payments processed through a cost-effective gateway, supporting Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Advanced Mobile App Features: Mobile app includes private charger support, charger mapping, and a seamless payment experience.

Hassle-Free Web App for Operators: Operators can use the web app for guest users, offering a QR interface for quick charging.

Streamlined User Experience: Launch apps via QR codes or NFC tags, with design and print services available.

Roaming and RFID Support: Roaming hub integrations and RFID cards for corporate fleets.

Ongoing Innovation: Emerging technologies like ISO15118 to keep your business innovative.

Data Ownership: Complete data ownership and access for tailored marketing and customer service.

Compliant with PCI, ISO, and ESG standards, Paythru also offers contactless solutions adhering to regulations, with revenue opportunities through advertising. Financial partnerships can also cover installation costs.