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IT Innovation Award

The IT Innovation award examines the latest advancements in fleet technology, including fleet management software, telematics, route tracking and other IT related transport technology.

2023 Shortlist

Octopus Electroverse 
Bridgestone / Webfleet

2022 Winner: Paua

The Paua network has continued to grow and it is now the UK’s leading aggregated EV charging network for business with over 20,000 charge point connectors and 21+ networks onboard. With the Paua app and card, drivers can find, charge, and pay for charging on public infrastructure networks. The app allows drivers to find out if a charge point is active, the connector type, the charging speed, the costs, and the availability. Paua provides a 100 per cent renewables guarantee and a fleet manager dashboard to monitor all transactions; plus fleet managers can receive a single VAT ready itemised bill for accounting.


Highly Commended

Drax - My Electric Vehicles 
Bridgestone Mobility Solutions / Webfleet 

2021 Winner: The Algorithm People


Airmax Remote Ltd
Webfleet Solutions
Intelligence Onboard
The Miles Consultancy (TMC)

2020 Winner: Electric Zoo

2019 Winner: ADESA UK

2019 IT Innovation Award winner: ADESA

ADESA produces an online tool designed to ensure that the defleeting process is done remotely, negating the need for vehicle movement and actual on-site inspections and all of this means less CO2 all-round


E Driving Jaama The Algorithm People

2018 Winner: Trakm8

2018 IT Innovation Award Winner: Trakm8

Following two successful pilots with Iceland Foods and Calor Gas, Trakm8 launched its RH600 telematics camera in April. It provides full telematics functionality, including driver behaviour analytics and can also be integrated with Trakm8’s fleet optimisation solution. The RH600 has two cameras – one facing the road, and one facing into the cab. A USP is the RH600’s ability to predict vehicle failures before they happen through CANbus connectivity.



WattsUp is a route planner/EV charging assistant which will guide drivers to their destinations. Founded in early 2018 and comprising a small development team committed to improving the information available to EV drivers, WattsUp was released on the iOS platform in June and has seen significant interest from network operators and EV drivers across the UK. Future possibilities include the ability to present WattsUp through in-car navigation systems and to integrate with car hardware for a better user experience.

LEVL Telematics Limited / GEOTAB

In March 2018 a trial of GEOTAB technology was placed into the all electric fleet of Farmdrop, the ethical grocer with depots in London, Bristol and Bath. Using telematics, Farmdrop recorded double digit improvements in EV range of 27% and 33% improvement in driver safety. The LEVL solution monitors real time EV charge remaining and details all charge points available throughout the delivery areas.

Reflex Vehicle Hire

Reflex Vehicle Hire has introduced Driive with Reflex, a service that brings telematics data to life, providing live monitoring of data from telematics and dashcams from the Reflex Flexi-family of products to its vehicle hire customers. Drivers are kept updated on their performance via a smartphone app, which also includes a daily vehicle check guide, covering elements such as tyres and good fuel economy.


Masternaut Connect delivers live and historical data allowing managers to understand fleet activity at a glance. E.g. Customisable dashboard, interactive live map, activity tracking, asset tracking or historical journeys & reports. Simple tools are provided, such as find the nearest vehicle to an emergency job or prepare shipments just-in-time for pick-up. Modules include mobile asset tracking, timesheets and historical journeys, driving behaviour, mileage and expenses and fuel card reporting and auditing.

Airmax Remote

The Airmax DFU is a high performance, vehicle connected, in-vehicle unit, capable of displaying a wide variety of telematics events provided by CANBus data. By connecting to the vehicle CANbus network, the Airmax RMM launched last year integrates fuel tank level and refuel events, MPG and specific GPS location data, with an upload from all major fuel cards to deliver a detailed breakdown of total card spend.

2017 Winner: Geotab

Geotab provides critical data and business intelligence, leveraging big data and machine learning with more than 750,000 connected vehicles in over 100 countries. Geotab’s GO telematics device plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port and monitors information on dangerous driving habits, pothole detection, parking, weather conditions, CO2 emissions, traffic flow, and much more.


Speedy Hire plc

During a recent refresh of its in vehicle technology, Speedy Hire highlighted improvements and has added new functionality to vehicle checks. The new system allows the driver to scan a bar code on the vehicle which returns the exact vehicle details including its body type and the specific checks relevant to this vehicle. This saves time completing checks for some of the less complex vehicle types yet allows far more detailed compliance monitoring. The new system also introduces H&S reporting.


Lightfoot has two core components - a small device that communicates directly with the vehicle’s engine and provides the driver with visual and verbal feedback, and a rewards platform that enables drivers to benefit personally from better driving. Every week ‘Elite Drivers’ win prizes such as supercar trackdays, ipads, weekend breaks as part of the Fleet Driver of the Week initiative.

Chevin Fleet Solutions

FleetWave, Chevin’s web-based fleet management software, acts as a central repository for all fleet-related information – with environmental reporting at its heart. This year it has undergone significant developments, including an overhaul of its risk management capabilities. These allow fleet managers to monitor and implement driver training where requirements have been identified.

LEVL Telematics Limited

The Electric Nation project aims to provide local electricity network operators with the tools to cope with charging vehicles with larger batteries, at faster rates, and over longer periods of time whilst avoiding replacing cables and substations. Working in partnership with Geotab and Fleet Drive, Levl Telematics delivered a solution capable of monitoring all the data produced by the electric and hybrid vehicles at a very low entry cost.

Airmax Remote Limited

Airmax’s Remote Mileage Manager provides an online, mobile friendly driver portal to access automated recorded journeys, guaranteeing business compliance with HMRC regulations. The ability to integrate with existing finance systems makes the service appealing to both Finance and Operations Directors. This Year, Airmax has grown the product to include a non-Telematic Grey Fleet Mileage Manager using Google Map integration.


2016 Winner: Route Monkey

Route Monkey (RM) creates complex algorithms to deliver scheduling and route optimisation solutions for fleets. In 2015, Route Monkey (RM) estimates that it saved its customers a total 38,844,000 miles and a corresponding 26,258 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The system can provide real time dynamic scheduling and can comfortably deal with the addition of last-minute jobs or delays and road closures caused by road traffic accidents. RM’s EVOS solution is the first software to optimise ULEVs and the first that can schedule mixed fleets containing conventional and low carbon vehicles.


Rolec EV
Established in 1990 and widely recognised as one of the world’s leading specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of outdoor electrical connection, Rolec EV has supplied over 27,000 charging points to UK and mainland Europe markets. EV Charge Online is Rolec’s public facing EV charge point management system which enables all EV drivers to simply pull up to a charge point and, using their mobile phone, tablet or in-car connectivity, login to the charge point and pay on the spot for its use. It provides access to all EV drivers via a pay-as-you-go charging solution without having to commit to joining any specific network. The system can also be retro-fitted into existing public facing charging pedestals.

Chevin Fleet Solutions
Chevin’s fleet information management software, FleetWave, lets users view periodical MPG figures for their fleet, measure driver and vehicle performance and use the data to support future improvement measures. FleetWave Mobile can help perform daily vehicle inspections, report any potential safety concerns and directly raise jobs in the maintenance or workshop modules, improving remote workforce management and providing a significantly greener option than paper processes.

With more than 900 million points of data collected daily, Geotab helps companies access critical business intelligence and benchmarking data to improve safety, reduce fuel and maintenance costs and strengthen compliance. To combat the set of challenges posed by heavy equipment, oil field equipment and related fleets, Geotab recently developed Go Rugged. Designed to the IP67 standard, the device provides engine data reporting on the Primary Cam Bus, giving fleets real-time vehicle tracking, engine diagnostics and driver details, including harsh braking or rapid acceleration, allowing users to optimise asset utilisation and reduce maintenance costs.

Emissions Analytics
Emissions Analytics recognised the urgent need for an alternative more realistic system so set about collecting as much real-world data from as many vehicles as it could. The launch of the EQUA Index has delivered real-world air quality, greenhouse gas and fuel economy data to all. By providing free access to this data online, informed decisions can be taken which lead directly to reductions in CO2 and NOx. As it becomes adopted, it has the potential to become the benchmark for independently validated vehicle performance data which will result in a cleaner, healthier environment.

2015 Winner

TomTom Telematics

Commended Airmax Remote
Chevin Fleet Solutions R2c Online Roadsense
RAC Business (Telematics)
PEAK 3g Mileage Capture Solution
Clean PEA (Promoting Electric Alternatives)