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GREENFLEET Award for Industry Innovation

Grosvenor Leasing

Sponsored by Grosvenor Leasing
This award is presented to the organisation that can illustrate cutting-edge thinking in its project or methods to eliminate CO2 emissions from vehicles that can benefit the fleet industry.

2023 Shortlist

TVS Interfleet / Tarmac e-mixer
Hydrogen Vehicle Systems - HVS HGV
Cenex - taxi wireless charging demonstrator & V2G project
Prohire - ProGreen Van
Allstar - Chargepass
Dundee City Council - The 4th Hub at Clepington Road

2022 Winner: White Motorcycle Concepts

Born from the desire to reduce the motorcycle industry’s CO2, White Motorcycle Concepts’ first patented innovation is a unrestricted duct through a motorcycle’s centre, reducing drag by up to 70 per cent against the current world leader. White Motorcycle Concepts has engineered this duct into a first responder motorcycle, reducing drag (25 per cent), enabling the motorcycle to go further for the same input. The company has also added a detachable battery 5kW electric drive system, supplementing the 300cc petrol engine at low speed where it’s most efficient, then bleeding out the electric drive the higher the speed, where the aerodynamic benefit takes over, meaning the batteries don’t drain really quickly. The overall result is a reduction in CO2 by up to 44 per cent and a fuel efficiency of 104mpg. What’s more, all aerodynamic parts are constructed from recycled aerospace carbon fibre.

White Motorcycle Concepts

Highly Commended

Drivetech (UK) - part of the AA
Zemo Partnership - Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme
Allstar Business Solutions - One Electric and Homecharge
Dropless - Hydroloop
Co Charger
EV ChargeSafe 
Fischer Panda UK - Sky project

2021 Winner: The AA


DriveTech (UK)
Ground Control Ltd
Webfleet Solutions
Bp Pulse
The Miles Consultancy (TMC)
Motability & Designability

2020 Winner: GRIDSERVE

2019 Winner: Urban Electric

In a sector where ELECTRIC VEHICLES and CHARGING is the main topic of debate and discussion, the ever-evolving technology is sometimes difficult to keep up with. Workplace charging, public charging and even home-charging, for the workforce, is always an issue that is prominent in the mindset of a fleet manager, when the switch to ULEVs is being considered. But what if your workforce drive an EV but don’t have off-street parking? Parking on the street and using extension leads and cables across the pavement is not an option, and this years’ winner have developed the worlds first “POP-UP CHARGE POINT” that delivers the convenience of home smart charging, without causing street clutter. The system retracts fully in to the ground when not in use, is operated via an App and the technology will eventually become a NETWORK, that users can ‘plug into’, wherever they go.


HV Systems
The Phoenix Works
Transport 2 / Kura
Luxfer Gas Cylinders


2018 Winner: Electra Commercial Vehicles

As part of an initiative to drive down air pollution in London’s Square Mile, Electra supplied the technology for The City of London’s trial of the UK’s first fully-electric waste collection truck. The 26-tonne truck runs on lithium-ion batteries. Designed for urban environments with short routes, it can complete a full 10-hour shift. Every aspect of its operation relies on electric motors, with no combustion engine on board.


Earlier this year, Royal Mail’s introduction of nine electric vans from Banbury based Arrival Electric Vehicles followed a similar trial by UPS in London. Operating at weights of up to 7.5 tonnes with a range of up to 100 miles and built from ultra-lightweight composite materials, all have been fine-tuned for inner-cities. A dual power mode can be used to top-up the battery. Arrival also supplies the motors and electronics for Roboracer, the innovative competition with autonomously driven, electric vehicles.

The CrowdCharge Vehicle to Grid charging platform uses machine learning to provide optimised charging, enabling cheaper, greener charging of EVs. The user can interact with the system via the CrowdCharge app, enabling forecasting and prediction to be included. Crowd Charge is providing the demand control system for the Electric Nation project, the largest field trial in the world of V2G smart chargers. It will provide insights into how smart charging affects customer satisfaction.

HV Systems
H2Van and HV Truck, part of HV System’s range of hydrogen-electric, zero-emissions, long-range commercial vehicles, can travel up to 1200km range on a single tank and can refuel in less than 6 minutes. Aerodynamic styling increases efficiency further while integrated safety features include 3600 sensors and camera view, heads-up display, regenerative braking and a curved windscreen for increased visibility.

Vulcanaer is a retrofit air hybrid technology that can easily be applied to older buses. Developed at Brunel University, the Vulcanaer system reduces fuel usage in an urban bus by harvesting its braking energy as it stops, storing it as compressed air for subsequent use. At 50,000 miles a year per bus, it has a UK payback time of 18-24 months and is commercially viable without subsidy.

ULEMCo continues to add to the range of vehicle types that have been converted to hydrogen dual-fuel operation, demonstrating the practicality, versatility and cost effectiveness of adopting this approach. Earlier this year, online supermarket Ocado took delivery of a converted Mercedes Sprinter Van which is expected to save around 40 percent in tailpipe CO2 compared to the supermarket’s standard fleet of Sprinters. Making use of hydrogen refilling stations across the country, the converted van can be refuelled with hydrogen in around five minutes.

2017 Winner: ITM Power

Since 2014 ITM Power has been designing power-to gas systems. The main focal point is the Electrolyser, which works by using surplus energy from the grid, or a renewable energy source, and water from a mains supply, to create hydrogen. The systems enables products to be scaled to meet the demands of individual applications.


Lightfoot is a government-supported technology with two core components: A small device that communicates directly with the vehicle’s engine and provides the driver with visual and verbal feedback to enable them to stay within the engine’s ‘sweet spot’, and an exciting rewards platform that enables drivers to benefit personally from better driving, with a rapidly expanding network of partners offering special deals.

CleanCar’s self fit plug and forget GPS device provides an accurate suitability rating, a comprehensive total cost of ownership analysis with identified savings (normally in the £2k per annum range just for fuel) plus charge point mapping for the regular journey pattern. This data is augmented with a best match electric or hybrid recommendation for the vehicle usage profile plus emissions reductions are automatically calculated.

CNG Fuels Ltd
CNG Fuels is currently building a network of CNG refuelling stations across the UK and has successfully completed the first full year of operations of the UK’s first CNG station connected to the high-pressure (LTS) natural gas grid. The station has the UK’s highest capacity, capable of refuelling 500+ trucks/day or more than 20 million kg of biomethane a year.

Protean Electric
Due to their unique packaging benefits, Protean Electric motors are receiving significant interest from designers of future autonomous vehicles. ProteanDRIVE® PD18 In-Wheel Motors develop provide 1250Nm & 80kW right at the wheel, removing the need for the gearbox, differential, driveshafts, and CV joints. This facilitates optimised vehicle control and will be available on production vehicles from the end of 2018.

Certas Energy
Certas Energy has been pioneering the use of Shell GTL Fuel in the UK as a readily available, cleaner burning alternative to diesel that can be used as a drop-in solution to help reduce local emissions of regulated pollutants including particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydro carbons immediately. On-road studies using heavy duty vehicles have shown it can reduce NOx emissions by between 5-37 per cent.

Gnewt Cargo
In partnership the London Mayor’s Office, Gnewt is bringing innovation to reality by introducing a radical new electric van to the streets by using a major OEM in Nissan as the donor vehicle. With load capacity often a prohibitor to EV uptake, Gnewt has managed to engineer 8.5 m3 cubic space from a traditional 4 m3 van whilst not allowing the unit price to soar into the realms of impracticality.

2016 Winner: Perpetual V2G

Perpetual V2G Systems has developed a patented lithium-ion power supply which works by capturing energy that would otherwise be wasted during a vehicle’s drive time. This application can be seen in refrigerated vehicles that require engine idle for power. The system eliminates the need for this, powering the refrigeration unit from the battery as soon as the engine is turned off.


Working with manufacturers (Elektromotive, Chargemaster, Rolec, EO Charging) Everwarm has made a considerable contribution to Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the UK, which has included installations at 10 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet Office. Close links with the Energy Savings Trust and Transport Scotland help deliver reliable charging through the EVCP Framework.

The LowCVP technology accreditation scheme for fuel and emission saving technology is the first industry and government backed independent test process to bridge the gap between scientific evidence and marketing spin. Developed with the leading test providers and the commercial vehicle industry, the Low CVP has created a process to give vehicle operators the confidence to select the right solutions for their applications.

Elm EV
Elm EV is independent supplier and installer of electric vehicle charging equipment to private and public sectors, one of only three companies in the UK approved and certified to install the ICU EVe, which has built-in technology for smart charging, distributing the available power and combating grid overload. Elm EV also advises on a range of electric vehicles through its extensive list of contacts in manufacturing.

In January BMW made significant enhancements to ConnectedDrive, which now offers a host of services via an embedded SIM, such as Concierge Services, Music Streaming, Real Time Traffic Information and Internet, on a monthly basis and renewed to suit each owner. To support fleets, a recent pilot enables fleet managers to proactively monitor and manage their SMR costs and can direct their fleet to their preferred service partner.

Fleetdrive Electric
EV Flexi-lease offers a flexible way to explore the new technology. With the ability to easily extend the short-term rental contract, organisations are able to conduct comprehensive trials, testing and monitoring within a practical application to ensure suitability, and experience first-hand how new generation EVs offer a viable alternative to many petrol/diesel vehicles without being financially committed for the long-term.

Innovations introduced by Alphabet in the last 12 months are increasing efficiencies. Teleservice, launched in January 2016, forewarns Alphabet’s maintenance team when a dashboard alert appears for the driver. Using data direct from the vehicle manufacturer without retro-fitted telematics enables the team to contact the driver to confirm how long it will take and undertake other maintenance required.

2015 Winner: Toyota

The launch of a new, innovative product to our market, marks the debut of a new age for clean mobility. The last decade has seen this technology make its way in to the sector and many predict it will be the next generation in motoring. They have led from the front, in producing the world’s best-selling hybrid, and now they are looking to do the same, with their hydrogen fuel cell car.


TomTom Telematics