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Easy everyday EV charging (that enables a more renewable energy system) helps landowners with shared parking areas provide easy everyday EV charging to drivers that can’t charge on their home electricity supply. There’s a big list! Councils, big and small. Community housing providers. Property managing agents. Car park operators. Businesses with parking for staff, visitors and working vehicles.

Our approach brings 3 big benefits to landowners and drivers:

  1. Cost: Making the most of existing electricity connections helps speed up installations and keep costs down. This way helps landowners offer drivers a good value charging amenity that is easy to scale up.
  2. Convenience: Watching your car charge is the EV equivalent of watching paint dry. To help landowners provide drivers the convenience of “charge while you’re parked here”,’s 3-22kW chargers can be installed just about anywhere. From upcycling lampposts, to slimline bollards, to walls and poles.
  3. Carbon: A renewable-based electricity system works best when energy use is flexible. EVs can provide a huge source of flexible energy use, but only when they’re plugged in for many hours at a time. By encouraging drivers to charge while they parked, helps landowners support more renewable energy production in the UK’s drive to Net Zero.

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