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The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA)


The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) is a Membership-based trade association representing over 275 Members, that compromise of Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) and Taxi Operators. Our Membership has a combined fleet size of over 20,000 drivers throughout the UK.

As a trade body, our primary role is passionately representing the interests of PHV and Taxi Operators via our Membership. Also, we Indirectly help our Member’s drivers, although we don't currently have a driver membership.

After starting life in London, where the majority of LPHCA Members are based, we made the move to become a fully national trade body and now have over 275 Members from as far south as Portsmouth, to as far north as Glasgow.

The LPHCA also produces a quarterly news magazine called ‘Private Hire News’ and runs two industry events each year, one in Spring in Manchester and another in Autumn in London, which are both free to attend. 

We also spend time engaging with local authorities and regulators, to ensure the industry has sensible rules and regulations to adhere to.  We are delighted to be a Partner of GREENFLEET Events, which enables the PHV and Taxi industry to have seat at the Electric Vehicle table.