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In in age where ’movement efficiency’ is under the spotlight, monitoring how your assets move, can save money and do so in a cleaner way, is paramount. In a sector that has been ravaged by the pandemic, on one hand, but has had a responsibility to keep the UK moving, and do so with one eye on net zero, never has there been more of a focus on ‘how’ you mobilise. 

Focus Webinar 3, in our series of 6 in 2022, sees us look at OPTIMISATION FOR DECARBONISATION, THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, CASE STUDIES and INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. Hear from industry experts, as we look at the complex issue of last-mile logistics, including how we can turn delivery vans into ‘mobile hubs’ that meet smaller Micro-vehicles and transfers packages! Innovation at its most creative. Join the conversation and help shape the way UK business optimises fleet operations. 

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09.45 Waiting Room Open
Kate Armitage, GREENFLEET

Session 1 - How to get the most out of Telematics

10.05 An introduction to Telematics 
Kate Armitage chats with Colin Ferguson, The Algorithm People
10.15 Using telematics for driver engagement and to drive the future transition to an electric fleet
Owain Pearce, Transport Manager, Oxford Direct Services (ODS)
10.23 The User Experience
Kate Armitage, GREENFLEET Ambassador chats with Owain Pearce, Oxford Direct Services (ODS)

Session 2 - Route Optimisation

10.33 How route optimisation can help fleets decarbonise, reduce costs, and cut emissions
Colin Ferguson, CEO, The Algorithm People
10.43 How we use optimisation algorithms, to generate savings, reduce costs and cut emissions to reach net zero
Andrew Hodgson, CEO, IF.Micro Vehicles

The User Experience

Kate Armitage, GREENFLEET Ambassador chats with Colin Ferguson and Andrew Hodgson

11.10 Event Close

Event timings and speakers are subject to change

Owain Pearce

Owain Pearce, Transport Manager, Oxford Direct Services
Owain worked in waste management and fleet support up until 2011 and in 2014 became a Fleet Technical Officer. He joined Oxford Direct Services (a Tekal company owned by Oxford City Council) as Transport Manager when it was formed in 2018 and over the last 6 years has been passionate about improving ODS’s Motor Transport service through overseeing a new fleet management system, improving fleet policies and practices and significantly improving the composition of electric vehicles within the fleet.

Andrew Hodgson

Andrew Hodgson, CEO, if.Vehicles
As CEO of if.Vehicles Ltd, an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Andrew is the inventor of the company’s transforming chassis and is responsible for the strategic activities of the business. Andrew – with the support of his team – is also the creator of the if.Micro – the world’s first Transforming Micro-Vehicle Platform.

Colin Ferguson

CEO, The Algorithm People
Colin Ferguson is co-founder and CEO of The Algorithm People, which provides a unique, data-based approach to fleet electrification. The company uses advanced algorithms to identify which of a fleet’s vehicles and routes are best suited to electrification. Once the EVs are deployed, the algorithms enable fleets to get the best possible financial and environment return on investment from them.

*Speakers are subject to possible change – please come back regularly for updates

The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People harnesses the power of advanced mathematics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the right placement for electric vehicles within fleets, and to optimise every commercial vehicle so that costs and fuel usage are minimised.