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Babcock International


Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities. Our Emergency Services business unit provides fleet and training services to UK Ambulance, Fire and Police sectors that enable our customers to focus on the delivery of their core frontline activity. 

Through leveraging our broader engineering expertise, knowledge and understanding, Babcock delivers technical non-core services on behalf of our customers; in a way that is in sync with their operational demand, whilst taking their complex and critical working environment into account. We look to enhance service provisions through removing the elements of administration, coordination and delivery of services whilst ensuring increased efficiency and reduced cost to our customers. 

With many of our customer partnerships within the sector and wider-markets demanding the exploration of technologies such as alternatively fuelled fleets, Babcock is involved in a variety of projects that not only explore how this can be achieved in the future, but deliver outputs to make this a capability of the present. This work goes beyond vehicle technology and looks to deliver a wider capability, resource and transition solution to safely deliver the fleet of the future.


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