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Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise Car Club has a large fleet of low emission cars and vans spread across an ever-increasing number of UK cities. The cars and vans are parked in their own designated bays and can be reserved for as little as half an hour, a day, or as long as needed. At the end of the reservation, the vehicle should be returned to the same designated bay it was picked up from, so there is always a parking space waiting for the next members.

The cars and vans can be reserved via the app, online or by phone in advance or at the last minute. The vehicles are accessed using the app or your access card.

With Enterprise Car Club you only pay for the time and distance you actually need a vehicle for, meaning you have all the convenience of a vehicle, without the hassle and expense of owning one.

Enterprise Car Club provides sustainable and cost-effective travel management solutions for organisations of all sizes across all sectors.  It provides tailored solutions for any business looking for an alternative to pool cars or grey fleet and delivers a highly cost-effective means of business travel and reducing the administrative burden of fleet management.