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ANNOUNCEMENT: In relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have consulted with the venue, speakers and government, and have taken the decision to postpone the event until 18th June. Click here for further information.

We will review the situation on an on-going basis. If at any point we feel there is a need to change anything, we will inform you in due course. Based on the above, please put the 18th June in your diary

The Road to Zero Strategy
outlines how the government will support the transition to zero emission road transport and reduce emissions from conventional vehicles during the transition. The strategy is long term in scope and ambition, considering the drivers of change, opportunities and risks out to 2050 and beyond. Its focus, however, is on what the UK will do now to lay the foundations for the transition.

GREENFLEET has led the way, over the last six years, in terms of assisting the UK Government in reaching out to the fleet sector, engaging and instigating change. Many local authorities, NHS organisations, government departments and the private sector have begun their ‘ULEV Journey’ as a result of attending a GREENFLEET event, networking with our supporting experts and putting in to place the knowledge they have gained.

However, it has become apparent that the UK’s Emergency Services and MoD, have a whole set of issues, preventing imminent change, that are unique to them and that they need help with. ‘Vehicles’ is one thing, but with the vehicles comes ‘Charging and Infrastructure’, which, throws up more challenges that need addressing.

At GREENFLEET, we have been told that the sectors understand that they need to act, that they are lagging behind, but because of these unique set of issues, need help. And we have been asked if WE can help, by staging an event for the Emergency Services and MoD.

So, we give you Emergency GREENFLEET... The Events that are Electrifying the Emergency Services! Emergency GREENFLEET will be hosted at Newbury Racecourse on the 19th March 2020.

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to reassure you we will be following government advice to avoid the risk of infection. Disposable gloves will be available for ALL delegates that take part in Test Drives and we advise strongly that all who attend wash their hands regularly as per government advice.




We are delighted to confirm that we have secured keynote presentations from authoritative voices in the industry. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) will outline the UK strategy, plus the grants and schemes that are in place to assist in the transition to an ultra-low emission fleet. Crown Commercial Service (CCS) will discuss the Frameworks that are designed to help on the financial side. The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) will offer an insight into what is around the corner, in terms of vehicle technology.

These will be supported by ‘Blue Light Case Studies’, where your peers will outline how they have already begun a successful journey towards a zero-emission transport operation – keep an eye on the website for further details.


We will give YOU the chance to then put your points across to the experts on the panel… Give them something to think about and take away for discussion. They need to know that you have a unique set of issues, not experienced by any other UK sector, and that these issues need to be looked at and addressed. So, make sure you have YOUR SAY on the day!



Share your thoughts and knowledge with experts in legislation, strategy, vehicle technology, charging solutions, leasing and financing and innovative technology. Our breakfast, refreshments breaks, and lunch are all designed to put YOU together, in a relaxed, but professional atmosphere, where you can talk to the people that can help you.


The late morning element of the event will be structured in private, break-out sessions. You will be given your very own ‘Personalised Agenda’, designed to ensure that your day is structured, and allows you to engage with experts, and at the same time, ‘experience’ some of the latest technology, first-hand.

Your sessions are delivered in a ‘Zone’ format, where you get to discuss related issues from the experts in each one. The 4 Zones will be Leasing & Financing, Charging & Infrastructure, The Vehicles and ‘On Call’, with the latter full of sector experts to address your concerns, offer guidance and advice and point you in the right direction.


It’s one thing being told that these ULEVs can do this, do that, save you £X-amount, etc. but do they really? We believe that having the opportunity to ‘experience’ the vehicles first-hand, by driving them in normal, everyday conditions, is the best way to make your mind up. Part of your ‘Personalised Agenda’ will give you the opportunity to test drive the very latest in clean car and van technology.


Your day begins with some breakfast, tea and coffee, and ends in the same way. ‘Sandwiched’ in the middle will be refreshment breaks, as well as a lovely buffet lunch, all designed to ensure that you’re refreshed and fulfilled… And it’s FREE!