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Mark Richards
Mark Richards
EV Sales Specialist

We believe in the value of end-to-end electrification partnerships. From assessing suitability and helping build the business case to installing and maintaining cost-effective, future-proofed EV charging solutions, we’re with customers for the journey.

Our focus on understanding installation sites and operational requirements – and our supplier impartiality – ensures that we implement hardware and software that fits with customers’ needs, budgets and business objectives. And our ability to schedule and orchestrate installations minimises disruption and protects business-as-usual activities.

We take maintenance and ongoing support seriously, updating software and identifying and resolving potential hardware issues before they affect operations. As true partners, we look for optimisation opportunities and track emerging developments to keep customers’ electrification investments ahead of the competition’s.

As part of Drax, we offer reassurance thanks to our scale and heritage. But we also provide a decarbonisation focus that enables customers to make sustainability claims and accelerate their net zero journeys. 

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