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Co-wheels Car Club


Co-wheels is a national car share club run as a social enterprise and the UK’s largest independent car club and provides more than 500 low emission, hybrid and electric cars across 50 towns and citiesfor the public and business users. We also provide fleet and pool car services, with integrated e-bike options, to organisations looking to reduce their emissions and costs associated with staff travel. We currently supply low and zero emission vehicles to many Scottish councils, universities and housing associations.


Co-wheels has been operating for more than a decade and has pioneered innovations including introduce the first electric vehicles into car clubs and now hydrogen powered cars, which are based in Aberdeen. We have developed  and built our own booking platform allowing us the freedom to add features bespoke to our customers. Complete control of our platform ensures we can take a lead in MaaS and data sharing through API integration.


Our rates are excellent value and currently start at £4.75per hour or £38.00 per day + 18p per mile for fuel (no fuel charge for electric cars) and our outstanding customer service team provides 24/7 phone support to members. To find out more visit our website.