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Campbells Consultancy Ltd

Campbells Consultancy Ltd

We are one of the world’s leading consultancy groups to focus solely on the commercial vehicle industry and the transition from diesel to battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell. Focussing on one sector helps save our clients time and money as we “hit the deck running” unlike other generalist firms, including many car based consultancies who fail to understand the differences.

With European wide recognised certificates in electric vehicles, energy storage, as well as energy management and finance we can combine our understanding of the commercial vehicle world with the world of electric and infrastructure. 

Campbells expertise was recognised by the National Grid (Ventures), as they were appointed Senior CV Consultants to the company helping to develop an understanding of how the UK Commercial Vehicle industry could transition from diesel to electric over the next 15 years.

Campbells offer independent advice helping the operator make sense of the ever-changing world of EV’s. Using our “CLIMOR” evaluation tool we help fleets get to grips with electrification and highlight the potential benefits it can bring to their business whilst also acknowledging the huge potential challenges and implications.

Visit our website to try our six question EV knowledge quiz and test your knowledge, as well as have a look at our electric vehicle consultants checklist!