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2020… A Year of ‘Change’

Who would have said, back in January 2020, that we would all face a pandemic that would seriously affect almost every aspect of our daily lives? Not many…

Yet here we are, still under the cloud that is COVID-19 and we find ourselves continuously evolving as we look for new ways to reach our audiences to enagage. What we mean by this is that we, as a nation and a sector, have had to discover a new way of ‘working’… A new way of ‘doing business’. And we’re doing it, online! 

2020 saw us forced into a new era of event delivery. It wasn’t possible to meet, network, share ideas and do test drives, in person. But we’re a creative bunch in this sector and, collectively, we quickly found a new way of doing these things. As a result, we were able to continue ‘progress’, in terms of implementing cleaner vehicle technology, in the battle against poor air quality.

And due to the success of the GREENFLEET events, online, G365 will once again play a major role in doing this is in 2021. We have taken the decision to put all of our events, from January to August, online. We, along with the rest of the UK, will be watching the government brief closely, and if things change during that period, we will consult with you all and make a decision WHEN to switch back to LIVE events. 

So, we ask you to join us, online, for what promises to be an exciting ‘virtual’ series of events, helping keep the UK fleet sector on the path to a cleaner future. 

Join us on G365

Don't just take our word for it...

“Despite not selling many vehicles for the last three and a half months, we still have the same sales targets in place… We have looked around at how we can get our message out to the fleet market and you appear to be the only media platform that have got their act together"

A manufacturer that ‘tested’ our platform and subsequently signed up for all the remaining ones in 2020. 

“We were all thrilled with the way the summer 2020 events went and are very keen to take part again in ‘21”

A charge point supplier that took part in 7 GF365 events in 2020.

“I attended the emergency GREENFLEET virtual seminar last week and I thought it was an excellent event and eye opening on the future of the Blue light fleet infrastructure and vehicles”

Peter Hatherley, Herts Fire & Rescue

Check out where we will be going on the 2021 NET ZER0 ROADSHOW with our Partners: Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, Crown Commercial Service, National Grid, SMMT & Association for Fleet Professionals.


All 2020 GF365  online events were recorded and are available to watch again, and share with your colleagues, through our  GF365 ON DEMAND function. This will be activated AFTER the Live event is over and we will email you to let you know when. So, if you missed us last year, you needn’t worry, they’re all here!