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Transport is the UK’s largest source of emissions in the UK, responsible for 27% of greenhouse gases in 2021. The majority of emissions at 91% come from road vehicles. Of this, 55% comes from cars and most of the remainder is from vans and lorries. 

Unfortunately, these figures remain largely unchanged for the last decade. 

However, bold steps have already been taken to decarbonise transport by bringing forward the end of sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2030, and even as early as 2015 onwards the UK public sector awarded over £2.1 billion in contracts which directly referenced Net Zero. In fact, 2021 alone saw the public sector award over £559 million in Net Zero contracts, representing a 6.2 x increase from the 2015 figure, £90 million.

In short, the plan is ambitious, consumer friendly and world leading, but there is a lot to do.

To help, we are delighted to bring you the following discussion-led seminar events. Staged both online and in-person these free-to-attend gatherings bring together YOU, the fleet community, to help support and drive forward your transport decarbonisation plans. With all bases covered including strategy and policy, operations, charging and infrastructure, vehicles and then of course cost, we target fleet and transport professionals first and highlight the impact of a growing energy crisis and the ongoing issues that continue to impact fleets’ electrification plans.

So, join the conversation either online or at one of the many convenient venues located across England to discover what is being done to support you make electric vehicles the future of net zero travel and to learn what needs to be done now for fleets.

26th January - This webinar is designed to support making the change to EVs easier. The latest automotive figures you need to assist your decision on purchasing the right vehicles for fleet electrification will be discussed, along with the supply and demand challenge of vehicles post-pandemic, cost and incentives, assessing your fleet requirements and knowing how to make the right vehicle choice.


March 9th - As fleets expand from EVs to small-medium trucks and HGVs, tech trials gather pace. Join this online discussion group for a conversation on what is being done to support the future of net zero commercial travel and find out what you need to be doing now to keep your commercial fleet on the road, within cost and within government timeline parameters. Topics to consider; what is the business case for switching to an EV/decarbonised commercial fleet and who can help?


May 18th - With a focus on smaller fleets have your say on the current incentives available, leasing and finance, how to expand your EV fleet and what you see as the issues that matter now.


July 26th - Hear key information the UK emergency services sector needs as it embarks on electrification strategies. Whether you be  FLEET/TRANSPORT, FACILITIES/BUILDING, FINANCE and TRAINING across the emergency services, this webinar delivers the latest from UK government, highlights the products, services and solutions that are out there to assist and places you firmly on the ‘Roadmap to Blue Light Electrification’.


September 14th - Charging and infrastructure remains a prominent discussion point and also a concern because it dictates commercial EV use viability. As a result this gathering of thought leaders focuses on strategy and planning and asks, is the infrastructure there to keep your vehicles on the road? Are there enough chargepoints in the right places and are they the right chargers for you? And then consider the application of innovative solutions. What is out there and what will work?


November 16th - With a focus on exploring viable options for greener fleets, including heavy freight this webinar covers that which cannot be electrified and uncovers the savings that renewable fuels are delivering today. Is it a case of ‘implement the good while waiting for the perfect’ and if so, which fuels are right for your fleets?