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Tusker - The Green Car Benefit Scheme

At Tusker we’re on a mission to help your employees get a better car. A newer, more cost effective, more reliable, greener and easier to run car. For over 10 years we’ve been helping all sorts of organisations from the NHS to the National Grid offer their employees a Car Benefit Scheme. It’s really easy to set up and run, and not only is it free, but it actually generates savings for your organisation!
It allows you to offer your people the opportunity to get a brand new car tax efficiently. And it’s better for the environment because Tusker cars are as green as you can get. We have extensive experience of successfully implementing and managing car schemes and will always create a tailored scheme to suit your organisation. We like to work closely with you to understand your business objectives and how the scheme can work for you and your employees.
With the introduction of electric cars to fleets and organisations, now is the best time to benefit from the significant tax and operational cost savings available. So if you’re looking for a really simple way to widen the benefits you offer, then look no further.