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Ground Control

Ground Control

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation, and fleet charging solutions from Ground Control.

Ground Control guides clients through a simple process from one-off installations to full decarbonisation journeys, nationwide.


We carefully consider businesses, budgets, and environmental goals. As experienced consultants on individual installations and multiple fleets, our designs are well-informed, tailored, and futureproof.


With surveys and consultations conducted by qualified electricians, we provide a design pack that maximises charging capabilities, whilst minimising cost.

We procure vendors based on the ideal hardware and software for each client.


Safety is paramount, evidenced by 13 consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards. Our dedicated teams complete each specialised area of installation. This ensures all construction, and electrical works, are completed to maximum standard.

Maintenance and Management:

We use data to understand you, your usage, and to help futureproof your site. Your personalised dashboard will display ‘how’ and ‘when’ your charge points are used, and the energy consumed.

Beyond Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation:

At Ground Control, we specialise in grounds and winter maintenance, potholes, and boosting biodiversity, all of which can add love and care to your carparks and outdoor spaces.

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