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Trojan Energy

Trojan Energy was formed in 2016 with one mission: to ensure everyone benefits from the energy transition. With total focus on enabling the switch to eMobility, we developed the Trojan Electric Vehicle Charging System. A system that finally offers an equal chance for EV drivers without a driveway to charge effectively at home, while eliminating residual clutter on the pavement. A system that doesn’t require municipal authorities to zone off parking spaces and gives network operators the ability to manage power demand in real time.

Lookers Leasing

Lookers Vehicle Solutions provides mobility solutions. It’s made up of four businesses - Lookers Leasing Limited, Fleet Financial, VRS and Lookers Group Fleet. We are backed by one the largest dealer groups in the country, Lookers PLC. As part of one of the largest automotive groups in the UK, we have access to the widest geographical spread of automotive dealerships in the UK and Ireland. 

Scottish Power

At ScottishPower, we’re working on a better, greener future. We only generate renewable electricity and we’re proud that all our domestic green tariffs are backed by 100% green electricity, made by our windfarms right here in the UK.

In our drive to help reach net zero emissions by 2050, we’re working to provide you with everything you need to make your home and organisation greener, including EV Charging solutions, Solar Panel and Battery storage options and electric heat products. We are also a charge point operator and are rapidly deploying infrastructure for everyone to use.