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Tim Campbell - Morning Session Speaker - HGV & Freight Surgery

Tim Campbell

Clean HGV & LCV Consultant
Tim is one of the leading consultants in helping fleets transition from diesel to electric / hydrogen fuel cell and has over 40 years experience of working in the commercial vehicle industry at various levels.

He acted as the senior commercial vehicle consultant for National Grid, Ventures division, looking at the strategic implications of the UK’s route to zero emissions in the van and truck sector up to 2040.Tim holds Galileo Master Certificate in Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage from the European Energy Centre and is a council member of Zemo, a government think tank.

Tim has also contributed to the UK government’s Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce Report, as well as consulting on the Government Consultation document on the route to zero for heavy commercial vehicles which set out the path to zero emissions for vehicles by 2035. He is also the Chair of the Truck Infrastructure Group (TIG) which is a regular meeting of all the truck manufacturers, National Grid and the Department of Transport to ensure the UK develops sufficient infrastructure for both electric and hydrogen over the coming years.