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19th October 

British Motor Museum, Gaydon

First launched back during the pandemic in 2020,  Emergency GREENFLEET came about upon the request of various ‘blue light’ organisations that asked it was possible to stage an event, purely for them! Why? Police, fore and ambulance services are no different to the rest of the UK fleet sector, in terms of what they must do. The net zero target remains the same. But they have a whole set of issues that don’t apply to a traditional fleet, and makes it a less than straight-forward process, in terms of electrification.

Rapid-response vehicles
Vehicles that need to carry potentially life-saving equipment, that can be heavy and require large amounts of space
Vehicles that are out on long shifts, return to base, have a change of driver, but need to return to patrol immediately
Depot charging

And more…

Online, Emergency GREENFLEET proved to be hugely popular and successful and since the end of 2021, when we were able to switch back to LIVE events, we have been joined by numerous colleagues from the blue light sector, at our normal NET ZERO ROADSHOW events. But they still needed something for their own sector… They wanted to hear from fellow blue light professionals that have already made significant strides forward in their electrification journey.

2022 saw Emergency GREENFLEET come to life in Milton Keynes. We were able to showcase a police Tesla… A Ford Mach-E paramedic vehicle used by London Ambulance Service… And an electric fire appliance from London Fire Brigade. All of these showed what can be done if the strategy is right.

We held discussion workshops where blue light fleet professionals shared their experiences, the issues they’re having and much more. COLLABORATION was the key factor that came to light as a result of the event and we’re back in 2023 with more.

And, new for 2023, we will also open our doors to the UK MOD. Army, navy and air force are also subject to the same targets, but share very similar issues and restrictions to the folk from the blue light sector, so we give you Emergency & MOD GREENFLEET.

Net Zero North & South

Join us on 19 October for a gathering of experts that can help set the clean fleet strategy for any blue light or MOD organisation. We will kick-off with keynote presentation seminars, followed by break-out sessions focusing on key issues:

  • Financing/leasing
  • Charging and infrastructure
  • Retro-fit capabilities
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Training and upskilling the drivers and workforce
  • And much more…


There will be solutions experts on hand with the product, service or solutions required to implement the electrification strategy required to head off on a net zero journey, and as with all GREENFLEET events, we will have vehicle displays and test drive opportunities too.

The event is open to the following departments, from police, fire, ambulance or MOD professionals:

  • Fleet and transport
  • Building, estates and facilities
  • Finance and HR
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Other similar roles…


So, don’t delay, join us for a day of informative networking and engagement, discussion workshops and interactive demonstrations. To reserve your FREE place, simply click the button below and complete the simple form. If you are a business that has the solutions to help the blue light and/or MOD sectors on this challenging journey, then get in touch to discuss how we can get you involved.




For costs and to discuss the package options in more detail, please contact our Events Team:

Colin Boyton
Events Manager

Tel: 020 8532 5704
Mobile: 07765 146289

Ursula Perry
Event Account Manager

Tel: 020 8532 5762
Mobile: 07769 942988