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ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DAYS IN THE UK FLEET CALENDAR ARRIVES ON 22 JANUARY, AS THE GF100 IS ANNOUNCED, LIVE! Join your fellow fleet professionals, online, for what promises to be an engaging event, packed with great advice, fleet managers explaining their journeys, and the very latest on the UK governments Net Zero strategy.

2020 was arguably the most difficult year in our lifetime and the UK fleet sector was no different, in terms of the challenges it threw up. But we rallied… We dug in, prioritised and got busy… And the result was that the UK ‘kept moving’. Many of you played key roles in keeping the NHS and frontline topped-up and mobile. And there were some that kept ‘clean fleet innovation’ as a key ingredient at the same time. To those, we salute you… And we will recognise you in the GF100 Most Influential.


GREENFLEET Magazine published the inaugural GF100 Most Influential list in 2017, so 2021 will be the 5th, and arguably most important list, to date. Keep an eye out on social media from Monday 18 January as they release 100-51, in sections, day-by-day. Are you going to make it? You can find out by following us on Twitter and/or LinkedInThe complete ‘100’ will then be published by GREENFLEET magazine on Friday 22nd January and will be immediately followed by a LIVE event, featuring key individuals from the list, where you will hear their own thoughts and ideas and get the chance to pose questions to our expert panel.


Back, by popular demand, is the World’s Number 1 Voice for EV on LinkedIn, Roger Atkins. With more than 300,000 dedicated followers on LinkedIn, his posts received more than 5 million views in 2019 alone. When we’re bringing you the most influential people in UK fleet, it seems fitting to bring you the most influential ‘EV Voice’ in the world to host the event. So, make sure you join Roger, and us, for GF100 LIVE. Reserving your place is simple…

The event will be packed with live interaction between Roger and key people from ‘The 100’, with prominent figures from the Top 20 joining in 2 separate Panel line-ups. Throughout the event you will get the chance to pose your questions to the panel, via our Q&A function, and you can share thoughts and ideas in the Interactive Chat too. There will be Live Polls posted throughout, giving you the chance to help shape the future of UK fleet, as we chase the net zero goal!