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08 APRIL 2021: 09.30 GMT ONLINE

emergency GREENFLEET II will once again deliver the key information that the police, fire, ambulance and MoD sectors need, as they embark on their electrification strategies.

Join us for an online gathering of professionals and experts, where you can engage, exchange ideas, discuss strategies, form alliances, and more. 

Delivered on our new platform, that now has an enhanced EXPO feature, there will be extra time for you to roam around, freely, and discover more about the vehicles, products and solutions that are there to help you on your electrification journey.

Electrification… Can it be done?

As the UK government continues to drive home the ‘Net Zero’ message and looks at bringing forward the date of the ICE vehicle ban from 2040 to 2035, the UK fleet sector is trying to keep pace and make the necessary changes to ensure this happens. The ‘blue light’ sector is no different, in that sense, but where it does differ is in the challenges it faces, outside of the normal ‘vehicle choice’ conundrum. 

emergency GREENFLEET recognises this and have put together a programme that is designed to not only give you the very latest from UK government, but also highlight the products, services and solutions that are out there too. And to make sure that you can see what is possible, we have drafted in some case study models too, delivered by innovative, forward-thinking blue light fleet managers. But we also realise it’s not simply about the vehicles and the charge points. What about ‘maintenance and upkeep’? Well, we have that covered too. Check out what we have planned for you, on the day…