GreenFleet Events - Driving Ultra Low Emission Motoring Across the UK

Why attend a GreenFleet Event?


GreenFleet’s events are designed to showcase the very latest in ultra-low emission vehicles, coupled with innovative solutions that are all designed to help fleet and transport professionals run a more efficient transport operation.

Visitors can expect test drives, product demonstrations, interactive training, information delivery and keynote presentations, networking with like-minded and forward-thinking experts, all designed in a “one-stop-shop” format.

Whether responsible for a local authority, NHS, government or emergency service fleet, or a SME or large private sector fleet, all are welcome and all will benefit from the format and the content that GreenFleet events deliver.

Don’t believe us? Here’s just a handful of comments we have received after attending a GreenFleet event:-

“An excellent and well organised event that is a must for fleet operators”
Leeds City Council

“Very well organised event with relevant & insightful content. Thanks for allowing me to come along, I have now got all the information I need to take plans forward internally.”

“Well Structured Event I enjoyed the mix of presentation with the ability to try the Vehicles and technology.”
NHS Teaching Hospital


We take the approach that offering a sponsor or exhibitor more than just a stand on the day makes for a better ROI for the client. Our multi-platform mixed-media approach gives any sponsor or exhibitor a pre-show promotional campaign, both online and in our e-newsletters, followed by a significant presence there on the day, and then followed up with the use of event delegate data to maintain on-going contact.

We encourage all our sponsors and exhibitors to “be creative”… Put on a show that offers an “interactive” experience for the delegate. That’s the sure-fire way of getting and maintaining their attention, and we have had some great showcases over the years.

And finally, we are judged upon the “quality” of the delegates we deliver… You will NOT find “hot laps and pro-drivers” at GreenFleet events, meaning we don’t attract the company car driver… we get the fleet decision maker!

So, if you have a vehicle, product, service or solution that you know can benefit a fleet or transport manager, then you need to be at the next GreenFleet event. For prices and packages, please contact Event Manager, Colin Boyton on 020 8532 5704 or