GreenFleet Scotland - Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh


Evolt offers systems for both indoor and outdoor environments, high powered interactive multi-charging systems and traditional street posts, all of which have been ergonomically designed to blend with environmental aesthetics.

Evolt brings to market the widest range of EV charging solutions, which includes the Tri-Rapid Compact Charger (Dual 50kW DC/43kW AC). The Tri-Rapid will simultaneously charge in DC and AC and has proved its performance, by ensuring a reliable rapid charging network for Evolt customers. With both CHAdeMO and CCS Combo DC outlets and a Mode 3 Type 2 AC socket, the Compact Tri Charger caters for the charging requirements of all types of electric vehicles.

To date Evolt has provided electric vehicle infrastructure for 27 Scottish Councils and has installed 121 Rapid (DC) Chargers, with a total network size of 1274 charging points throughout Scotland.

Evolt has joined forces with Connected Energy to bring to market an energy storage system that can offer reinforced power supply for rapid charger networks, when the demand for power cannot be met by electricity networks. Using proven Li-ion battery technology, hi-efficiency power conversion and state of the art monitoring systems, this is the first in a new range of energy storage products.