GreenFleet Awards 2016

Awards entry deadline extended until September 30

The 19th Annual GreenFleet Awards will be held at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium on the 17th November 2016. Twenty Awards will be presented to deserving winners, in a variety of categories. Our celebrity host for the evening is successful comedian, author and broadcaster, Dominic Holland.

So far 2016 has been a challenging year, with air quality, NOx and vehicle emissions at the forefront of the news, leading to widespread discussion about the increase of low emission zones across the UK. The industry has responded well to such changes, and every year GreenFleet reward a number of organisations who have successfully assimilated ultra-low emission vehicles and innovative solutions into their fleet, which we believe to be a change for the better!

2016 also represents another important year for EVs, and we are continuously reporting on the many developments with this technology, from both fleets and the wider industry. To continue the positive uptake of plug-in vehicles we will continue to stage ultra-low emission fleet shows across the UK, looking to instigate the changes that will then gain recognition at our annual awards.

So now is the time to look for some recognition for all your hard work and effort over the last 12 months. Being shortlisted for a GreenFleet Award is recognition in itself, and winning can lead to greater things, and open doors that previously proved difficult to push through. Whether you’re a fleet manager (or colleague of) that deserves individual recognition, or someone that thinks the fleet itself is worthy of having “GreenFleet Status”, then you need to enter NOW! And we don’t stop there… If you’re a vehicle manufacturer, a leasing or rental company, or product, service or solution provider, we also have categories for you too. So take a look at the Categories page and enter as many as you like. Entry could not be simpler… Select the category you want to enter, fill in the form, include a 500 word entry statement and even support your entry with up to 2 attached documents. And best of all… It’s FREE!

Judging: Unsure what the independent judges are looking for? Here’s a hint… They will want to see “a reduction in CO2 and/or NOx”. If you’re a fleet manager, or leasing/rental company, this applies to the vehicles in your fleet. If you’re a manufacturer, then details of the vehicle(s) in particular, with direct comparisons to previous models a good idea. Is what you have done “innovative”? If it’s new and exciting, with tangible results, then that will work well in their eyes. If you’re a “supplier”, then get your customers, who are reaping the benefits of your product, service or solution, to enter. And then enter “it” for an award as well. Two bites of the cherry! And probably most important of all… Provide, where possible, “proof” that what you have done has worked!

Shortlisted entrants will be announced around 3 weeks prior to the event, so please check the website for updates. Successful shortlisted entries will then receive 2 FREE tickets (worth £195 each) to join us at one of the industry’s biggest nights. Additional tickets, and other branding and sponsorship opportunities are available, so please contact us if you want to know more.

Thank you to all of those who have supported the GreenFleet Events throughout 2016… We look forward to seeing you again next year!

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Event Co-ordinator on 020 8532 5739 or Esther Wilson 020 8532 5732.