Emissions Analytics

sponsors the PHEV Manufacturer of the Year Award
Emissions Analytics uses on-road measuring equipment (PEMS) exclusively and intensively, offering a bespoke testing service, as well as building the largest commercially available data set in the world. It is a recognised expert in real-world testing and data analysis.

PEMS testing
The Portable Emissions Measurement System is the same technology found in a traditional testing laboratory but packaged for on-board installation. It measures the gases coming out of the tailpipe, as well as recording how and where the vehicle is being driven.

The advantages of PEMS include rapid installation, no modification to the vehicle, and true in-use performance data. PEMS testing with Emissions Analytics is the best option for understanding how your product or vehicle works on the road.

Data subscriptions
Subscriptions are available for Emissions Analytics’ database of over a thousand real-world passenger car tests. The benefit is instant access to a large spread of competitor data where each vehicle has been tested in the same way, to enable performance comparisons.

Segmented by region, manufacturer, vehicle class, regulatory standard and powertrain, new vehicles from Europe and the USA are added weekly.

EQUA Index
The EQUA Index provides an easy to understand vehicle rating system for fuel economy and emissions, made freely available to all at http://www.equaindex.com.


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